Fixin Soul Kitchen Shooting Man shot and killed while eating

shooting in LA

A man was tragically shot and killed while enjoying a meal at Fixins Soul Kitchen, a popular dining spot in downtown LA. The shocking event unfolded on Tuesday evening, turning an ordinary night out into a scene of chaos and fear. This article aims to provide an in-depth look at … Read more

Missing Janet Ossebaard the Maker of The Fall of the Cabal died

Janet Ossebaard died

In the realm of conspiracy theories and alternative narratives, few figures are as renowned as Janet Ossebaard, the creator of ‘The Fall of The Cabal’ documentary. However, recent rumors and speculation have circulated regarding the mysterious disappearance and alleged death of this controversial figure. This article seeks to delve into … Read more

Jack Okelley Real Estate Student at University of Georgia died

Jonah Smith Mobile AL Man died

Today, the University of Georgia community mourns the loss of one of their own. Jack O’Kelley, a real estate student at the University of Georgia, has tragically passed away. About Jack O’Kelley: A Life Full of Promise Jack O’Kelley was more than just a student. He was a passionate learner, … Read more