Elizabeth Catherine Potkay Obituary: A Legacy of Love and Resilience

In the peaceful town of Waterford, the serene morning of March 26, 2024, marked the end of an era with the passing of Elizabeth Catherine Potkay— a cherished matriarch, a beacon of love, and an emblem of unwavering strength. Born on March 7, 1930, in Norwich, Elizabeth’s journey through the tapestry of life has been one of profound impact, leaving indelible marks on the hearts of those fortunate enough to have crossed her path. This article seeks to honor the memory of Elizabeth, reflecting on her remarkable life and the legacy she leaves behind.

Who was Elizabeth Catherine Potkay?

Elizabeth’s story is one of resilience, grace, and boundless love. As the beloved widow of Steven Potkay, she navigated the complexities of life with an unwavering resolve, embodying the virtues of compassion and dedication in every role she undertook. Her life was a testament to the power of enduring love, a narrative woven with the threads of devotion to her family and an unshakeable faith in the goodness of humanity.

Elizabeth Catherine Potkay Obituary

Elizabeth’s departure has left a void in the hearts of many, most profoundly felt by her children: William Avery (Nancy) of Baltic, Richard Avery (Trudy) of Sandwich, Mass., Robert Avery (Boanne) of Salem, Kathryn Monty (Robert) of New London, and Karen Avery (Todd) and Scott Avery, all of Bozrah. Her legacy is further carried on by her many grandchildren and great-grandchildren, each a living testament to her love, wisdom, and nurturing spirit.

In her journey through life, Elizabeth experienced the joy of companionship not only in her marriage to Steven but also in her cherished relationship with Stanley Kaczmarek, both of whom preceded her in death, along with her sister Dorothy Dydula. Yet, even in loss, Elizabeth’s resilience shone brightly, reminding us all of the strength found in cherishing memories and embracing the support of loved ones.

Elizabeth Catherine Potkay Funeral Arrangements

To commemorate Elizabeth’s remarkable life, calling hours will be held from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, April 6, at Fulton-Theroux Funeral Home, located at 181 Ocean Ave., New London. During this time of reflection and remembrance, a prayer service will be conducted at 1:30 p.m., offering friends, family, and all who knew Elizabeth a chance to pay their respects, celebrate her legacy, and find solace in shared memories.

Elizabeth Catherine Potkay’s journey through life was marked by an unwavering commitment to her family, a profound capacity for love, and a resilience that inspired all who knew her. As we bid farewell to a remarkable woman, let us carry forward the lessons she imparted through her actions and her approach to life.

In honoring her memory, may we strive to emulate her strength in the face of adversity, her unconditional love for family, and her ability to find joy and purpose in every moment. Elizabeth’s legacy is one of love, resilience, and the enduring power of family bonds. It is a legacy that will continue to inspire and guide us, lighting the way forward with the warmth of her memory.

To the Potkay family, and to all who mourn Elizabeth’s passing, may you find comfort in the knowledge that her spirit lives on through each of you. Though she may no longer be with us in body, her presence will forever be felt in the stories shared, the memories cherished, and the love that binds us all. Elizabeth Catherine Potkay will be deeply missed, but her legacy will forever remain a source of inspiration and comfort.

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