Kelly Roseberry killed in Accident: Know More About The Incidence

In a shocking turn of events, Kelly Roseberry, a beloved figure in her community, tragically lost her life in a fatal accident on October 28th, 2023. Kelly’s untimely demise has left her community grief-stricken and mourning the loss of a remarkable individual who dedicated her life to making a difference.

Who Was Kelly Roseberry?

Kelly M. Roseberry, born on March 18th, 1985, was widely known for her significant contributions as the Vice President of Programming at the Travis Mills Foundation. As an active member of her community, Kelly’s passion for helping others was evident in her work and interactions with those around her.

The Accident

Details surrounding the accident that claimed Kelly Roseberry’s life are still emerging. According to reports, she was involved in a car crash on West Market Street in Bloomington, which resulted in her untimely passing. The exact circumstances leading to the accident remain unclear at this time.

Statement by Travis Mill foundation

It’s with the deepest sadness that we share this news about Kelly Roseberry, Vice President of Programming at the Travis Mills Foundation.

Remembering Kelly Roseberry

Kelly Roseberry’s impact on her community and the lives she touched will not be forgotten. She dedicated her time and efforts to supporting the Travis Mills Foundation and making a positive difference in the lives of veterans and their families. Her sudden absence is deeply felt by all who knew her.

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