Markham Henry Hollis Obituary: A Life Well-Lived

In the tapestry of life, every individual thread is unique, contributing to the beauty and richness of the story it tells. Markham Henry Hollis, whose journey on this earth began on March 28, 1960, was one such irreplaceable thread. His life, marked by vibrance, kindness, and an indomitable spirit of adventure, left an indelible impact on those who had the privilege of knowing him. As we bid farewell to Markham, we celebrate the legacy of a man who embraced life with open arms and whose memory will forever inspire us to do the same.

Who was Markham Henry Hollis?

Born alongside his twin brother William, Markham Henry Hollis was a force of nature from the very start. His passion for the outdoors was evident in his love for fishing, hunting, rock collecting, and simply basking in the beauty of nature. Markham’s vibrant energy and enthusiasm for life were infectious, making every moment spent with him a cherished memory.

Beyond his adventurous spirit, Markham will be remembered most for his incredible sense of humor. His pranks, silliness, and the joy he brought into the lives of those around him were his trademarks. A kind soul, Markham never hesitated to extend his generosity and compassion to others, earning him the love and admiration of many.

A loyal friend to all, Markham was seldom seen without his faithful companion, Bender. Their bond was a testament to the love and loyalty that defined Markham’s character.

Markham Henry Hollis Obituary

Markham Henry Hollis’s earthly journey came to a peaceful end as he was surrounded by the love of his family and the compassionate care of Twin Towers Hospice. He leaves behind a legacy of love and laughter, survived by his mother, Gladys Hollis; siblings Steven, Bill, and Julia Hollis; children Scott and Joe Hollis; and grandchildren Cooper, Conner, and Serenity Hollis. Markham also leaves behind his niece and nephew, Melody and Mitchell Hollis (Steve), who will carry forward his spirit of adventure and kindness.

The Hollis family extends their heartfelt gratitude to Twin Towers Hospice for their unwavering support and tender care during Markham’s final days. Their compassion made a difficult time a little easier to bear.

A Celebration of Life

To honor the remarkable life of Markham Henry Hollis, family, friends, and all who were touched by his warmth and vivacity are invited to a Celebration of Life. The event will take place on Saturday, April 6, at 10 a.m. at Groesbeck Methodist Church, located at 8871 Colerain Ave, Cincinnati, OH. The service will be a reflection of Markham’s joyful spirit, followed by a lunch where stories and memories of Markham will be shared, continuing his legacy of bringing people together.

Markham Henry Hollis’s journey on earth may have come to an end, but the light he brought into the world will continue to shine brightly in the hearts of those who loved him. As we gather to celebrate his life, let us remember the joy, the laughter, and the love that Markham blessed us with. His was truly a life well-lived.

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