Netflix Restoring the Historic Egyptian Theatre in Los Angeles

Netflix, the global streaming giant, has undertaken an ambitious project to restore the historic Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles. The iconic movie palace, which has been a part of Hollywood history since 1922, is set to reopen on November 9th, 2023, with a screening of ‘The Killer’ directed by David Fincher.

A Glimpse into the Past

The Egyptian Theatre, purchased by Netflix in 2020, has been undergoing a much-needed renovation and seismic retrofit. The goal of this restoration is not just to modernize the theatre but also to bring it back to its 1922 roots. Scott Stuber, head of Netflix films, said, “The Egyptian Theatre is an incredible part of Hollywood history and has been treasured by the Los Angeles film community for nearly a century”.

The Restoration Process

Netflix’s “restoration rewind” has been welcomed by the Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation. The company has detailed renovation plans to restore the theatre to its historic grandeur, along with a few modern upgrades.

The renovated theatre will feature modernized sound and projection, ensuring that audiences can enjoy both the charm of the past and the conveniences of the present. The first look inside the restored theatre reveals a capacious movie palace, restored to its silent-era glory.

The Grand Reopening

The theatre will reopen on November 9 with a screening of ‘The Killer’ directed by David Fincher. In addition to screenings, the theatre will feature new programming from the American Cinematheque. Netflix will also release a documentary detailing the restoration process.

The reopening of the Egyptian Theatre is a testament to Netflix’s commitment to preserving the rich history of Hollywood while adapting to the needs of modern audiences. The restored Egyptian Theatre promises to be an exciting blend of the old and the new, a place where the past and the present come together in a celebration of cinema.

Egyptian Theatre

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