“Now and Then” – The Beatles’ Final Song, Now Streaming on Disney Plus

In a sensational musical event that Beatles fans worldwide have been eagerly awaiting, the Fab Four’s final song, “Now and Then,” has finally hit the airwaves. This historic release, now streaming on Disney Plus, marks a poignant moment in music history.

Originally penned and performed by John Lennon at his home in 1977, “Now and Then” is touted as the last Beatles song. The track was recently completed by Paul McCartney and features Lennon’s vocals as well as electric and acoustic guitar work recorded by George Harrison in 1995.

This highly anticipated song release is part of a single paired with “Love Me Do,” the very first Beatles single from 1962. It’s a fitting tribute, bookending the illustrious career of one of the most influential bands in history.

Interestingly, the development of “Now and Then” also involved the use of artificial intelligence. This innovative approach allowed for the integration of Lennon’s voice, providing an emotional resonance sure to touch the hearts of Beatles fans old and new.

The release of “Now and Then” was accompanied by a video directed by Peter Jackson, further enhancing the experience of this last Beatles song. This global premiere adds a visual narrative to the powerful auditory journey, making it a must-see for all music enthusiasts.

To commemorate this significant event, Disney Plus is now streaming “Now and Then.” Beatles fans can relive the magic of the band’s remarkable journey through this final song, a testament to their enduring legacy and their timeless impact on music.

Don’t miss out on this historic moment in music history. Tune into Disney Plus now to experience “Now and Then,” the last Beatles song, and join in celebrating the unmatched legacy of these music legends.

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