Ralph Edward Webster Obituary: A Life of Service and Music

Ralph Edward Webster, a man whose life was as rich and harmonious as the gospel music he adored, passed away at the age of 91 on March 23, 2024. Born on March 14, 1933, Ralph’s journey through life was one marked by dedication, service, and a profound love for his family and community. As we reflect on his life, it becomes evident that Ralph was not just a man, but a beacon of light and hope for those around him.

Who was Ralph Edward Webster?

Ralph’s life was a testament to his unwavering faith and commitment to serving others. A veteran of the Korean War, he embodied the values of courage and sacrifice. Beyond his service to the nation, Ralph was deeply involved in his local community, particularly through his involvement with the Skaggston Community Ballfield where he managed the “Grasshoppers” ball team, showcasing his leadership and passion for sports.

A Pillar of Faith

Ralph’s devotion to his faith was evident in his long-standing membership and active participation in Clear Springs Baptist in Mascot, and later at Bashert Baptist in Blaine. His roles varied from deacon and trustee to Sunday School teacher, superintendent, choir member, and R.A. leader. Ralph’s life was a reflection of his belief in serving God and nurturing his community. He found joy in encouraging pastors and creating cherished memories through his church activities.

A Musical Legacy

Music played a central role in Ralph’s life, bringing joy and solace not only to him but also to those around him. The Webster family’s musical gatherings were a source of unity and celebration. Ralph, alongside his father Ted, brother Paul, and Allen, formed a quartet that filled their home and hearts with gospel music. With Ralph on the mandolin, they shared their faith and love for music, leaving behind a legacy of harmony and praise.

A Career Built on Hard Work

Ralph, along with his brothers Paul and Allen, co-founded Webster Brothers Construction, a testament to their hard work and entrepreneurial spirit. From a young age, Ralph learned the value of hard work, a lesson imparted by his father who introduced him to construction work. Each brother brought his expertise to the business, with Ralph specializing in electrical work, showcasing his skill and dedication to craftsmanship.

Ralph Edward Webster Obituary

On March 23, 2024, Ralph Edward Webster entered into eternal rest, leaving behind a legacy rich in faith, service, and music. Preceded in death by his beloved daughter Judy, parents Ted and Ethel, and brothers Paul and Allen, Ralph’s memory will forever be cherished by those who knew him. As we remember Ralph, we celebrate a life well-lived, marked by devotion to God, love for family, and a commitment to enriching the lives of others. Ralph’s journey on earth may have ended, but his spirit and the melodies of his life continue to resonate in the hearts of those he touched.

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