Selling Sunset: Season 7 – The Glamour and Drama Returns on Netflix This November

Get ready to return to the luxurious world of high-end real estate in Los Angeles as Selling Sunset: Season 7 hits Netflix on November 3. This reality series, which has captured the attention of audiences worldwide, is back with more glamour, more drama, and more stunning properties that will leave you breathless.

Selling Sunset: A Recap

For those new to the series, Selling Sunset offers an inside look at the cutthroat world of LA’s luxury real estate market. It follows the professional and personal lives of a group of elite real estate agents working for The Oppenheim Group, a prestigious real estate brokerage firm in Los Angeles.

From extravagant multi-million dollar mansions to intense rivalries between agents, Selling Sunset is a fascinating blend of reality TV tropes, property porn, and unscripted drama. The series has gained a massive fanbase for its addictive mix of opulent real estate and interpersonal drama.

What to Expect in Season 7

As we gear up for Season 7, fans can expect more of what they’ve come to love about Selling Sunset. The real estate will be more luxurious, the stakes higher, and the drama even more intense.

This season promises to delve deeper into the lives of our favorite agents as they navigate their careers and personal lives in the high-pressure world of luxury real estate. From new relationships and business ventures to the challenges of balancing work and family, Season 7 is set to take us on a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

One thing’s for sure – there will be plenty of jaw-dropping properties to feast your eyes on. From sleek modern mansions to grand estates with panoramic views, each episode of Selling Sunset is a virtual tour of some of LA’s most desirable properties.

Selling Sunset: Season 7 Trailer

Mark Your Calendars

Whether you’re a fan of reality TV, a real estate enthusiast, or just looking for some escapist entertainment, Selling Sunset: Season 7 is a must-watch. So mark your calendars for November 3, prepare some popcorn, and get ready to binge-watch the latest exploits of LA’s top real estate agents.

Selling Sunset: Season 7 promises to be a glamorous, drama-filled ride that offers a tantalizing glimpse into the world of luxury real estate. Don’t miss out on the drama, the properties, and the lifestyle that only Selling Sunset can deliver.

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