Tragic Deaths of Serenity Hawley and Ex-Boyfriend in Blacksburg, VA

The peaceful town of Blacksburg, Virginia, was shaken by a devastating incident that has left the community grieving. Serenity Hawley, a high school student, and her ex-boyfriend tragically lost their lives in what has been reported as a murder-suicide. This heartbreaking event has sparked shock and sorrow throughout the area.

The Incident

On November 7, 2023, a tragic incident unfolded at 723 University City Blvd in Blacksburg, Virginia. Serenity Hawley and her ex-boyfriend were involved in a deadly confrontation that ended with both of their lives being lost. Reports suggest that the ex-boyfriend took his own life after shooting Serenity Hawley.

Mourning and Community Impact

The news of Serenity Hawley’s untimely death has left the community of Blacksburg High School in deep mourning. Students, teachers, and members of the community are coming together to support one another during this difficult time. Serenity’s loss is deeply felt by those who knew her, and the impact of this tragedy will be long-lasting.

Remembering Serenity Hawley

Serenity Hawley, a 17-year-old high school student, had a bright future ahead of her. Friends and family remember her as a kind-hearted and vibrant individual who brought joy to those around her. Her sudden and tragic passing has left a void in the lives of those who loved her.

Seeking Support

In the wake of this heartbreaking event, it is essential for those affected to seek support and reach out to resources that can provide assistance. Grief counseling and support services are available to help individuals cope with the emotional impact of such a devastating loss.


The deaths of Serenity Hawley and her ex-boyfriend have left the community of Blacksburg, Virginia, in mourning. The tragedy serves as a stark reminder of the importance of addressing and preventing domestic violence and the need to support those dealing with such situations. As the community grieves, it is crucial for individuals to come together, seek support, and reflect on the lives lost.

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