YouTube Star Jenny Apple Died: Husband Kyle Appleford announces her death

YouTube star Jenny Apple’s passing at the young age of 36 has shocked and saddened her millions of fans. The popular vlogger built an online community by openly sharing details of her life as a mother and cancer battle over the past 2 years.

Based on the search results, it appears Jenny Apple passed away on Sunday, November 5, 2023 at the age of 36. Her husband Kyle Appleford announced her death in a video posted to her YouTube channel on November 8, 2023.

Who was YouTube Star Jenny Apple?

Based on the information provided, Jenny Apple was a popular YouTube personality and vlogger known for her parenting and lifestyle videos. She amassed over 2 million subscribers on her YouTube channel where she shared details of her life as a mother of two young children.

Jenny’s Cancer Diagnosis

Jenny first revealed her stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis to her 2 million YouTube subscribers in September 2021 through an emotional video titled “I Have Cancer.” She continued to share her cancer journey openly, taking fans along to doctor appointments and treatment.

Despite rounds of chemotherapy and immunotherapy, the cancer continued to spread. In her last videos, a frail Jenny documented preparing her young children for her inevitable death.

Jenny’s upbeat, positive presence will be greatly missed by her loyal followers. While cancer ultimately claimed her life, she leaves behind a legacy of spreading hope and awareness during her final days.

Her candid videos documenting the of fighting cancer continue to make an impact and inspire others facing serious illness. Though gone too soon, Jenny Apple’s memory lives on through the personal connections she made with her supportive online audience.

Outpouring of Support Online

Jenny’s husband, Kyle Appleford, announced her passing in a heartbreaking video posted to her channel on November 8th, 2023.

Fans and fellow YouTube creators flooded social media with tributes and memories of the bubbly, fun-loving creator. A GoFundMe campaign set up to support Jenny’s medical bills has raised over $150,000.

Many praised Jenny’s courage and vulnerability in sharing intimate details of her cancer fight online. She amassed a supportive community that became like family for her.

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Her Enduring Legacy

Jenny Apple leaves behind hundreds of videos providing a glimpse into her life as a loving mother of two. Her optimistic spirit and authentic personality attracted a large following on YouTube and Instagram.

Jenny faced her prognosis with bravery and used her platform to raise awareness about cancer. She will be remembered for spreading light and inspiration, even during her darkest days.

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